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Voltero PS30 Max expandable battery

The Voltero PS30 Max Expandable Battery is a powerful and expandable energy storage solution with a capacity of 3,0 kWh. This battery provides reliable energy storage and is equipped with expansion options, making it a flexible choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Price €2,979.00

Voltero PS24 Max expandable battery

The Voltero PS24 Max Expandable Battery is a versatile energy storage solution designed for efficiency and scalability. With a capacity of 2,4 kWh and expandable options, this battery system offers reliable and customizable energy storage for both residential and commercial applications. Ideal for those seeking a powerful yet flexible solution for managing energy needs.

Price €1,979.00

Voltero PS24 2200Wh solar generator

Never get stuck at home or in the office again. Create your own mobile office in the camp, in nature or by the sea. Now you can decide for yourself how, when and where you want to play or work with your notebook, tablet and phone without running out of power. The battery capacity is 2.232Wh with LiFePo4 built in battery with +3.500 life cycles

Price €1,279.00
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Voltero PS50 expandable battery

The Voltero PS50 is an expandable battery that provides reliable and sustainable energy storage. With a capacity of 50 kWh and the option for expansion, it offers a flexible solution for various energy needs. Ideal for use in conjunction with solar panels or as an emergency power backup.

Price €4,779.00
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