Payment options
When you place an order with us, you can pay it directly online. We are happy to give you a wide choice of different payment options. depending on your wish or purchase, you choose the desired payment method.

We use Mollie as our payment provider. Mollie is the largest payment provider in Europe and offers the best security and privacy policies for our customers. basic you will find some information about Mollie.

What payment options are there? depending on the country of origin, we can offer you the following payment methods. We have listed all payment options for you. Choose the payment method that suits your past.

- Dot pay
- EPS Überweisung
- Giropay
- Banc contact
- Sofort banking
- Credit card
- PayPal
- Master
- Trustworthy
- Bank transfer

Safety first by MOLLIE
We take safety extremely seriously. Strict security checks, secure data storage, employee screening and consideration of all available documentation allow us to minimize the security, stability and reliability of our payment platform.

Ultimate data protection
All data that we process, yours and that of your customer, is guaranteed to be on Dutch servers. And our servers are located in highly secured data centers, secured by our specialized NOC team.

Secure internet payments
We fully comply with the guidelines of the European Banking Authority for the security of internet payments and are permanently supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank, DNB.

Financially solid
Mollie is a profitable company and we were one of the first to handle successful and secure payments since we started in 2004. We meet and exceed the minimum solvency requirements by 300%.

3 lines of defense
We ensure that our internal processes are screened and controlled through a Three Lines of Defense model. This means that we have established Compliance and Audit Officers who ensure the security and simplicity of our internal structures.

Supervisory Board
Mollie is committed to achieving sustainable growth. To reduce this, we have an independent supervisory board, consisting of senior entrepreneurs and financial specialists.

Encrypted card data
We are fully PCI-DSS level 1 certified, proving the level of security we provide to merchants and consumers alike.

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