Voltero C11BC - 11kW wallbox cable phase 3 type 2

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Voltero Wallbox EV Charger 11KW with Type 2 cable

Suitable for all car brands

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Voltero Smart Powering
Voltero stands for quality and our products are the best proof of it.

Stylish and efficient EV charging
This beautifully designed Wallbox is the best choice if you are looking for a reliable charging station that combines power with elegance and quality. The Wallbox has a built-in smart chip that protects the battery capacity of the car. The payload is dynamically adjusted to the best available power of the vehicle. The LED strips indicate the status of the charging station in color.


Mobile powerhouse
Voltero C11 wallbox is all you need. Small, simple, durable and robust unit with consistent performance makes it possible to charge any electric car in the most convenient way. Voltero C11 wallbox can optionally be purchased with an APP or RFID integration. Get used to being able to safely charge your car anytime, every day.

Smart display
The electric generator's large color LED display provides a real-time battery monitoring system to help you keep track of power level status. including remaining cell capacity, current inputs and outputs, battery status while charging and accurate display of Voltero PS6 station's remaining working time during work (accurate to the minute)

Why choose a Voltero wallbox

- Personal advice when choosing the charging station that suits you

- Installation within a month

- Installation and explanation by our own installers

- Voltero is the single point of contact throughout the entire process

- You always get a 2-year installation warranty

- Need extra work, feel free to ask

Voltero is NEN 1010 & 3140 certified

Voltero can carry out all necessary installations in and around your home! Furthermore, we can offer a wide range of services such as installing solar panels, energy storage systems, EV charging stations and connecting them to function properly in an OFF GRID setup

Smart charging
- IP67 so that the charger can be hung outside without any problems
- Meets all requirements: CE, TUV, FCC, CSA and RoHS certified
- Overall dimensions: 295x195x65mm
- User interface: LCD screen (no touch screen)
- DC leakage protection: Yes, type A + 6mA DC filter
- Plug standard: Type 2 (Car side can have Type 1 or Type 2 connection)
- Maximum power: 11kw
- External RCD: Type A RCD required, however a Type B RCD is always recommended by the IEC (European NEN).


Technical specifications
maximum output power 11kW Three Phase
input voltage 100~250V AC
output voltage 380V Three Phase
Interface IEC 62196-2, SAE J1772
protection degree IP66
Working temperature -20C ~ 65C
Certificate CE, TUV, FCC, IK10, IP66, CSA, UL, ROHS
wall mounting Yes (pole mounting optional)
APP Optional
RFID Optional
Weight 14.99lb / 6.8Kg
Size 11.6*7.7* 2.6in. / 295*195*65mm

You calculate this with a simple calculation: divide the capacity of the battery by the capacity of the charging station.

Example :
Suppose your car has a battery of 55 kWh and the charging station has a capacity of 11 kW. Then it takes about 5 hours (55 kWh / 11 kW = 5 hours) before a completely empty battery is fully charged again. Your meter box must therefore have the capacity to charge 11 kW. A 1-phase meter box can usually supply a maximum of 3.7 kW per group. You need a 3-phase meter box for 11 kW charging.

A Type 1 plug is also called a Yazaki plug. This connection is used for charging with alternating current (AC), up to a maximum power of 3.7 kW. Type 1 is mainly used on US and Japanese cars before 2014.

Type 2 is more commonly referred to as Mennekes or VDE-AR-E_2623-2-2. In 2014, it was designated as the standard for electric vehicle charging with alternating current (AC). All new electric cars sold in Europe since then are equipped with this connection.

In fact, every house is suitable for a charging station. No permits are required to have your own charging station installed. Let our professionals advise you about the possibilities.

Naturally! The energy generated by solar panels can also be used to charge your electric car. Moreover, it costs almost nothing and you can save a lot on your energy bill. Voltero can also help you with the installation of solar panels and energy storage systems.

3-phase charging is possible if you have a main connection of at least 3 x 25 Amp. With 3 phase it is possible to charge your car between 11 and 22 kWh. A fully electric car can then be fully charged again within a few hours, depending on the battery pack. No 3 phase in the house? Voltero can help you with the preparations in the meter cupboard.

Yes, Voltero is NEN 1010 & 3140 certified and can deliver and install a charging station at your home. This can be done, for example, on the wall or on a pole.

Your charging station can be installed at your home within 4 weeks.

This is partly due to the following factors:

- The distance between the charging station and the meter cupboard
- Earth and street work to be carried out
- Any adjustments to the meter cupboard

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