Subsidies for EV charging stations in the Netherlands

Sustainability is high on the agenda, and electric driving plays a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions. Besides the positive impact on the environment, there are also financial benefits for electric car owners. One of these benefits is the possibility of receiving subsidies when purchasing an electric charging station. In this article, we will explore the subsidies available in the Netherlands.

Milieu-investeringsaftrek (MIA)

What is MIA?

The Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) is a scheme that allows entrepreneurs to receive tax benefits for environmentally friendly investments. This scheme applies to business investments in sustainable technology, including the installation of charging stations for electric cars.

How does it work?

With MIA, entrepreneurs can deduct up to 36% of the investment cost of an electric charging station from their taxable profit. This means the tax burden is reduced, which can be a significant advantage.

Willekeurige Afschrijving Milieu-investeringen (VAMIL)

What is VAMIL?

The Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (VAMIL) is another scheme for business investments in environmentally friendly facilities, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

How does it work?

VAMIL allows entrepreneurs to decide how quickly they depreciate their environmental assets. This gives them more flexibility and allows them to accelerate depreciation of part of the investment costs.

Subsidies from municipalities and provinces

Besides the national schemes, many local subsidies are also available. Many municipalities and provinces encourage electric driving by offering financial support for the installation of charging stations. These subsidies vary widely and can cover both individuals and companies.

Private subsidies

For private individuals wishing to install a charging station at home, subsidies are often available. These can range from a fixed amount to a percentage of the total cost. It is advisable to research the possibilities with the local government.


Electric driving is not only encouraged by environmental benefits, but also by financial incentives. By using subsidies such as MIA, VAMIL and local schemes, both companies and individuals can benefit from significant cost savings when installing electric charging stations.

Please note: that laws and regulations may change. It is always wise to check the latest information with the tax authorities or local authorities.

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