Installing a Charging Station at Home

Driving an electric vehicle is becoming increasingly popular, both for business and personal use. One of the key considerations when owning an electric vehicle is charging it. A benefit of electric vehicles is that you can charge them at home. With a home charging station, you always have a convenient charging point available.

What does a home installation involve?
If you own an electric vehicle, it is important to have a convenient and safe way to charge it. A home charging station allows you to charge your electric vehicle in the most cost-effective manner. You can charge your vehicle whenever you need to, ensuring that you always have a full battery when you hit the road!

You have the option to install the charging station yourself (which can be a challenging task), or you can choose to have Voltero handle the installation. Therefore, you can purchase a complete package from Voltero, which allows you to charge your electric vehicle as quickly and easily as possible. Request a quote now at

Advantages of a home charging station
A home charging station comes with many advantages, namely:

· Always available charging point

· More affordable than a public charging point

· Tailored to the power capacity of your vehicle

· Quickly pays for itself

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